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Die Nachtigall und die Rose

9 July 2016

Neuerscheinung / new publication

„Die Nachtigall und die Rose“ German translation of this fascinating story by Oscar Wilde with illustrations by Felicitas Velten.

Eine erfrischend aktuelle Neuübersetzung mit außergewöhnlichen Illustrationen, die zum Wachträumen einladen.

a refreshingly up-to-date translation with extraordinary illustrations, a book that invites to daydream.

Preis: 18,90 €.

Das Buch kann man bestellen unter/ you can order here:

Die Übersetzung von Dr. Corinna Krause hält dem Autor Oscar Wilde die Treue und entdeckt sie doch neu / The translation by Dr Corinna Krause is faithful to the original story whilst rediscovering it at the same time.

Ein Kleinod mit Tiefgang / a little gem with depth

Eine Vorschau des Buches mit dem kompletten Text sowie einer Auswahl der Bilder ist auch im Shop zu finden / you can find a review here:

Hier ein Link auf die Vorschau ( )

Proofreading course passed with Merit

22 November 2012

I am now a certified proofreader as I have just received my certificate from the London-based Publishing Training Centre for having passed their Proofreading course with Merit. Very pleased!!!

Beredter Norden: schottische Lyrik seit 1900

22 November 2012


This is a wonderful new anthology of 19th century Scottish poetry in German edited by Iain Galbraith.

I am proud to have contributed a number of translations of poems by poets writing in Gaelic.

This is a very attractive collection!!!

You can click on the image to the left to get to the publisher’s website.

Self-translation: in dialogue with the outside world

22 November 2012


‘Self-translation: in dialogue with the outside world’ is my contribution to Lainnir a’ Bhùrn , a volume of essays on modern Gaelic literature, which has now been published.

The article looks at the idea of dialogism in the context of a translation practice which is all too often solely and obsessively viewed within the confines of an author’s self.

Self-Translation: Brokering Originality in Hybrid Culture

23 June 2011

We have been invited to contribute an article to a volume on self-translation to be published by Continuum Books. The article will take a comparative view at authors’ attitudes to translation and self-translation in a minority language context, consulting Irish, Welsh and Scottish Gaelic poets.

Lainnir a’ Bhùrn

23 June 2011

Sollas Translation has been invited to contribute an article to the proceedings of a conference on Gaelic literature in the twentieth century and beyond held at Edinbirgh University in April 2009. The book is entitled ‘Lainnir a’ Bhùirn / The Sparkling Water: Aistidhean air Nua-Litreachas na Gàidhlig / Essays on Modern Gaelic Literature’‏ and will be published by Edinburgh Academic Press in 2011. The article will look at self-translation in the light of Bakhtin’s theory od dialogism.