Online & Business

From artisan food to heritage craft – staying local

Over the years I have translated for several businesses in the artisan food, heritage craft, and interior design market as well as travel companies. The majority of this work is all about engaging online content that speaks of the product and to the customer. Some of this translation work is close to home with companies such as the Hebridean Smokehouse or the Harris Tweed Authority and it is part and parcel of this work to talk about the place I live in and love, which is a great pleasure.

From tourism to interior design – subjects further afield

Other translations take me all over the world with regards to subject matter, such as far and wide inspirations for decorative paint ranges, furniture upcycling projects of various styles and backgrounds and tourism-related texts. Again, in-depth research is essential here to understand and convey the various contexts.

Marketing and Business – finding the right terminology

It is not just an understanding of the source text culture that is vital. It is also very important to research terminology as people use it in a German-speaking world with an increasing number of Anglicisms referring to concepts and ideas especially in the world of marketing and corporate culture. This is particularly important when working on employee surveys, training manuals, texts relating to market research and general business correspondence.

Quality is ensured by working together

Whatever the translation project, I always work closely with my clients to make sure I meet their needs. I will communicate throughout the project to let them know about the process, to enquire about glossaries and style sheets or to clarify certain source text contexts to ensure a thorough understanding of the original text. Furthermore, I work with checkers, proofreaders and networks of linguists to ensure the translated text is of the highest possible quality.